Sunday, May 30, 2010

Competition update

I hope that you are all getting good use from the pattern!
... don't forget to enter the Competition ...

I've been working on that Yarn lovers Goodie Basket ...... and so far heading its direction are:

- a Hank of Birthday suit Vintage Purls Sock Yarn - hand dyed on request :shock:
- Set of hand made Stitch Markers 8-)
- Stitch Marker & Bits Holder ... my new design!! :smt044
- and chocolate .. all good prizes come with chocolate \:D/

So seriously ladies you want to be in this competition :vibes:
... not to late to enter and remember the judges are Emma and I, so anything goes really

Cast on!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today's Sewing

Not quite finished can't decide on a button or snap for my new stitch marker / needle holder ...
I LOVE it though .. so impressed with myself!
here's the pictures:

And today I also whipped up:
Emma's Preschool shoulder bag and a Mickey Mouse wet bag - she's so excited about them!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Shoulder Bag

So glad i got that fabric
(now just wish i got more as i'd love co-ordinating knitting notions - tragic?)

and of-course there's another one on the cards .. this time a Preschool bag for Emma

I've got a new bug

Just for the moment its sewing!

so i needed a new bag - but couldn't find anything i liked in my price range ... so i made one

Cost me a grand total of $7 and i really like it!

The pattern i used is the Tiny Happy Shoulder Bag .. really easy and I'd recommend it to anyone .. in fact i went to that spotlight $10 voucher night last night and just happened to get some material i adore at the moment so are planning to make another one today (My name is Sam .. and I'm becoming addicted!)

But don't ya just love it:

I think its going to look great as a bag .... i'd love to make a wee needle and stitch marker holder with it too .. but we'll see as i only for 75 cm (trying to be good!)

And these also jumped in my bag .. hence spending more than the $10 i planned

So what new bugs have you been bitten by lately?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

knitting I've been up to lately

So its not quite a year since I started knitting and I have to say with a great bunch of motivated women you can't help but stay on the wagon, chugging along creating some great items for the wee ones in this house. Here are some photos of what I've been creating lately - Full details are on Ravelry :)

Firstly some swaps i was in:

TNN #1 in 2010 .. i got this Foliage Package ... Yummy LOVE it! you'll see it knitted below ;)

TNN #1 2010 - I sent this Lavender Package

Naki #4 Scavenger Hunt - The package i put together for Julia

Naki #4 Scavenger Hunt the package i got from Kristy - Tim Tams all gone .... and still patting the wool to see what it wants to be .... mmmmmmm lovely semi solid

Gems Hat for Emma

Hoodie for Beca .... i LOVE this!!

Emmas Milo

First Dishcloth

Rebeccas Stripy Pants

Emmas Hand Warmers

Rebeccas Hand Warmers

Monday, May 24, 2010

Finally released to the wild ...... Easy Kids Hand Warmers

Yes, after extensive testing and edits I have produced my first knitting pattern!

Easy Kids Hand Warmers

It's blurb:

This is a quick basic knit pattern to fit 1 - 5 year olds and can be easily adapted to ones uniqueness with addition of different colour yarns, cables, increasing ribbing / stocking stitch length, embellishments or addition of different stitches. It can either be knit in the round or flat then seamed and what better way to use up extra bits of yarn, or keep the kids that extra bit warm in winter.

To mark its release and the relaunch of Sams Snippets, i'm running a wee competition:

- Knit a pair of Easy Kids Hand Warmers by 1st June 2010
- Upload to Ravelry with "Entering Sams Snippets Competition" in the project details
- Winner will be chosen by the design team based on uniqueness and over all style

........ then your in to win! .. win what I hear you ask .... well i'm making up a wee Yarn Lovers Goodies Basket which i will share the details with you in the coming weeks ... so stay updated - good luck!

So here it is on Ravelry: Easy Kids Hand Warmers

Current Download is from (until i fix a link i'm working on):

Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch this Space!!!!

Sams Snippets is due to return within the month .. and with the re-launch i will be releasing the first pattern I have designed for Easy Kids Hand Warmers. Its slowly coming together and seems so far most kids love them! .. and they are easily personalized so i can't wait to see what people come up with :) .. and they are quick and easy presents for kids (using less than 20g yarn!)

... so keep watching ... but until then heres a picture of the prototype: