Friday, May 28, 2010

I've got a new bug

Just for the moment its sewing!

so i needed a new bag - but couldn't find anything i liked in my price range ... so i made one

Cost me a grand total of $7 and i really like it!

The pattern i used is the Tiny Happy Shoulder Bag .. really easy and I'd recommend it to anyone .. in fact i went to that spotlight $10 voucher night last night and just happened to get some material i adore at the moment so are planning to make another one today (My name is Sam .. and I'm becoming addicted!)

But don't ya just love it:

I think its going to look great as a bag .... i'd love to make a wee needle and stitch marker holder with it too .. but we'll see as i only for 75 cm (trying to be good!)

And these also jumped in my bag .. hence spending more than the $10 i planned

So what new bugs have you been bitten by lately?


Jo's Place said...

haha I knew it would finally get you LOL. Watch my blog over the next week to see the fabric I purchased from the states, it's beautiful :)

I love the Tiny Happy pattern, I made mine a bit bigger and it has been well used.

Seaside Siblings said...

great bag! I kind of think sewing and knitting go hand in hand.

sue said...

The bag looks fantastic. Love the new fabric you got too, how nice. I buy those flat fats from Spotlight too, they are great for when I make my pear pincushions.

meeks said...

Are you talking about the Quilter's night $10 voucher? Wasn't that a good score! I bought some quilting material with the idea of putting it on a the $10 voucher came in very handy to offset the expensive material!

meeks said...

BTW welcome to Kiwi Mummy Blogs!

Sam said...

Yes that's the one Meeks & Thanks :)

& I agree Sewing and Knitting definitely go hand in hand

I love the fact that fat quarters are a cheap wee 'sample' of the nicer fabrics that my budget doesn't stretch to :(

Thanks for the comments!