Monday, December 7, 2009

Sale - Swift Sacks

Okay so here's a much needed quick update!

I've been busy on the production line for some snazzy swift sacks and the first lot are ready for sale at a super start out price!

So first in first grabs - they are just Fab for keeping all your swift bits on one place and keeping little fingers out ;)

If you wondering a swift makes wool hanking and winding easier (its a Knitter/spinner thing ;) ) -- Here's some Just One W.I.P: Handmade Wooden Swifts

please note that one or two have a touch of wonky sewing due to a wee helper :oops:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've been surfing!

I've found some more lovely yarny site thanks to Blendy and her Sampler boxes!

Firstly Touch Yarns - A lovely NZ made products for non prickly knitting (always a +) I'd love to get hold of some fibre from Kelly to process from fibre to knit myself using the different techniques i have recently learnt at spinning class - or if you haven't been taken by the spinning bug she has some lovely soft yarns of varying ply and type - well worth a click!

and then there is Fab Fibres ... who even sell dolls hair! or beautiful Treasure packs like this one:

Add Image
Or Woolpaper ... yes read that again! Wool paper How amazing is that!! their own creation that i can't wait to find the time and money to get some to have a good look at! The colours it is available in are just spectacular as well

I think my art yarn spinning will start here!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mail Call - More prizes!

just quickly - Yes that's right my box filled with more goodness while we were out today the pics speak for themselves but thanks sooooo much Stumptious!! for your blogtober giveaway.

i got:
  • Some Lovely Crochet Patterns
  • A wee Piggy
  • Lovely Fabric - some trains and pink Floral
  • 2 PEZ holders and candy (i loved these when i was a kid)
  • and of course the wrist warmers - which Emma has snaffled for the moment (i went to find the camera and came in to that Sweet sit)

And the other day my lovely Honey Products arrived from Blendy: --- can't wait for the full yarn sampler box

Today was also the Hawera Show - Emma's first and she loved it - rode on the merry go round, the planes, slide and the bumber cars (lucky thing) ... then we spent an hour watching tractor pulls and she scoffed a bag of candy floss that she got from the clowns



Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sebs Looking Glass Longies

They're done - and i love them! - can't wait to cast some on for Beca for next winter (need to finish her summer dress first - only sewing to do on it :)

Ravelry Link

My first attempt at Longies for a Xmas Pressie for my nephew :) - I used the Looking Glass longies Pattern which is a really Great pattern Kelly xx

I Crocheted cord – a few woopsies but thats all learning and my adjustemt could have been better - i’ve added button holes and buttons so they can be buttoned up as shorties - but my positioning isn’t perfect - will note for next time not to put a button hole at the start of the row but 1/4 the way round then 3/4 the way round (K2TOG YO)

I love this idea though as it would make the pants grow with Seb as well - just by moving the button position :) - we put them on him last night for button adjustment - and they look great!

Modeled here on my just over 2 1/2 yr old - cheeky girl! ((please excuse her Freddo frog tattoo)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


so I've often mentioned the roses I've got at our new place ... and now I've had a chance to grab some photos of them for you ... enjoy - aren't the pretty - now to learn how to look after them

(click the pictures for a clearer view)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Mail call - my prize

Yes upon checking the mailbox look what i found!

How luck am i! ... its was sent across the island from Tiny Lovely as i was the lucky winner of the blogtober giveaway.

The crafty goodness is in the themes of:

Something borrowed ......
Something blue ......
Something old ......
Something new ........

and already the wee bag is my new Knit Picks storage bag, the wool is on top of my stash, the table cloth i just LOVE is waiting for a special occasion and the Cross Stitch is also in my cross stitch stash.

Thanks SO much Tiny Lovely! -- it is great! xxxxx

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Have you signed up yarn lovers?

At last we are lucky enough to have a yarn sampler box in NZ! - due out in January if you love yarn you need to get in line for one of these!

Thanks Blendy for putting these together for us ... i for one can't wait to get my yarny goodness (+ eatable treat) box in the mail!

Heres the links:

Here's Blendy's Blurb on them (from her website):
Blendy's NZ Yarn Sampler Boxes are like a mini craft fair - you get a little bit of everything that knitters would enjoy, such as yarn, fibre, stitch markers, buttons, embellishments, gift cards, delicious treats - all made by fantastic (mostly) NZ creatives. I want to share my love of supporting the amazing crafts New Zealanders make with the rest of the world. There will also be a few amazing international samples, because we love them too.

What's in the Box?

Each box will have around 15 different amazing samples for you to try - including an exciting array of New Zealand yarn, and some international yarn (because we love specialty yarns from all over the world), and some beautiful knitting-related embellishments and treats from local NZ crafters. Not all boxes will be the same - it's a surprise!

Here are the current suppliers - please check back regularly as the list seems to be growing almost daily! Check out their websites to see their full range of enticing goodies. I encourage you to support their specialty businesses.

Deena Kirk Handcrafted Jewellery & Stitchmarkers

Can you wait to get yours?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spinning Art

Yes - i've been playing with art yarns after watching some of the lovely stuff on the blogs i'm tracking lately ... now its an odds and ends ball to just see what would happen ... but here it is (and Emma loves it!)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

S is for Sunday ...

and Sewing, Swaps, Scrap booking, Sunshine and Spinning!

And that's how i have filled my day!

Now the Sewing i can't share as it is for another Yarn Swap I'm doing on TNN - and this time i promised to be a secret squirl! but i do have to say its not bad considering how long it has been since I've sewen more than just long straight lines on the edges of blankets :)

The Scrap booking is in the last post, and the Spinning well! ... Here you go Kate ;)

Now The top one was the result of a quick blending play Kate had on the Drum Carder that i have spun into a thick and thin yarn and the Warm Yellow/brown/orange and red one is the fleece i dyed and hand Carded (1st try at hand carding) then spun and plyed with some brown/grey - it hasn't come out to badly if i do say so myself :)

Lastly the sunshine - what a lovely day! made our sea view even more enjoyable when i had a moment to stop and enjoy it today which was also a big day for Beca as she tackled a bit of banana (she was soo over Mash) :)

another first of many

Yes when your a mum with young children around, the small things - even if they are related to dirty nappies can help put a smile on your face.

(Click for a better view)

And when a lovely Friend offered to show me the steps in nappy making and 'shop' in her amazing fabric cupboard how could i say no? ... so this was last nights efforts. Sadly its not destined to stay in our house with my little monkeys but we are due to get a cool wee nappy in return (can't wait!) The sewing is a wee wonky in patches but i seemed to have earned my nappy making badge and can't wait to do the next one ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

todays fun ...

Firstly heres my spinning that i've done lately - slowly getting better :)

What a long day - but between a child that wouldn't sleep and has just had an alround shitty day and her big sister who really drives me nuts at times look what we did!

This hank is actually 50% acylic / 50% wool - dyed with Cake gels and powdered food colouring

and heres some fleece that i have dyed ready to play with some hand carders with