Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mail Call - More prizes!

just quickly - Yes that's right my box filled with more goodness while we were out today the pics speak for themselves but thanks sooooo much Stumptious!! for your blogtober giveaway.

i got:
  • Some Lovely Crochet Patterns
  • A wee Piggy
  • Lovely Fabric - some trains and pink Floral
  • 2 PEZ holders and candy (i loved these when i was a kid)
  • and of course the wrist warmers - which Emma has snaffled for the moment (i went to find the camera and came in to that Sweet sit)

And the other day my lovely Honey Products arrived from Blendy: --- can't wait for the full yarn sampler box

Today was also the Hawera Show - Emma's first and she loved it - rode on the merry go round, the planes, slide and the bumber cars (lucky thing) ... then we spent an hour watching tractor pulls and she scoffed a bag of candy floss that she got from the clowns




...stumptious said...

So happy you finally received them! Looking forward to continuing to visit your lovely blog!


Sam said...

Yes - was lovely to get some neat mail - Emma was soo excited too :)

Thanks :)