Who am I?

Please note: This Page is and may will always be a Work in progress 

Never mind searching for who you are.  Search for the person you aspire to be.  
~Robert Brault,

I’m a SAHM + Kidstart Educator, we have just moved to a 2.5 A block in rural New Plymouth - with a lovely sea & mountain view, we are slowly getting our new gardens established and are loving the country living.
We have two wee Girls - Emma 04/07 and Beca 04/09, as well as 2 cats a dog and recently adopted 8 chooks and two goats - our dream is to head down the self sustainable track producing enough veges / fruit to feed us all :) Then in my spare time i'm trying to get involved with practicing Yoga and meditation again for the complete mind/body 'package'.
I love baking and hope to spend more time making home made in the future.  I’m easily addicted to all things crafty - Sewing, Beading, Cross stitch, Knitting, Scrapping (Digi & Paper), Cardmaking, Painting - you name it i’ll give it ago .. and recently added spinning!! - anything that gets my hands involved in whats happening i'll never pass up.
. I have a love textile things from fibre to fabric - browns, reds, greens, simple patterns and who could go past black and white. very addicted to swaps to - i enjoy putting together special parcels for others to enjoy and love the suspence of wondering just what is heading my way!!
At the moment i’m going through a earthy stage so loving things that are natural and earthly colours esp wood - i’m loving my native woods and have just finished sanding and oiling another set of drawers for the girls and planning to make a storage system for toys and craftyness!
I love semi solids colours and have fun knitting variegated yarns .. and ofcourse love dying both :)
It seems I love to use my hands, when my imagination stops for a break i try my hardest to get my thoughts and ideas out.  I love colour - the rainbow can always cheer me up, but black and white works also have a special place in my world.  I aspire to live my life as one with nature, but get torn between the convenience of the modern world and the simplicity of yesteryear.  

. . . . I aspire to . . . .

- Be Myself - Happy, Loved, and full of life.

- Be the best mum i can and teach my children the basics, while supporting them to be themselves.

- Learn the art of photography - to be the one behind the lens capturing the beauty in a picture forever.

- Always see that the highs of life are just around the corner, no matter how low i may be feeling.

- Let nature support me, as my family and i work with it to create gardens of self sufficiency with happy healthy lives.

-:Love others as they love me, and show people the thanks they deserve.

- Smile daily and be thankful for the road i have walked thus far, in my path of life.


bubi_28 said...

Wow you are such an inspiration you gorgeous wonderful woman Sam. Marry me??? hahahaha

Sam said...

Oh Carolyn - Thanks for your words - a true sweetie ;) (& a keeper lol)