Saturday, January 30, 2010

My 1st Fibre Swap!

I know another Swap from December that i failed to blog about >>>

Its from Kathy R and she has done a perfect job - i was hoping for lots of fibre samples (being new to spinning and all)

She’s included: Merino silver, Alpaca/Silk/Merino blend, Border Leicester fleece, Corridale fleece, Hampshire down with Mohair, Lama fibre, Combed mohair, Angora fibre, English Leicester fleece, Recycled Sari Silk and some silk throwseters … man i’m going to have a ball!!!!

I’m loving the patterns for felted clogs and Animal friends felted booties (felting is still on the to learn list just been bumped) some sweeties, soap and lovely wee stichmarkers.

Thank you soooooo much Kathy its great! … and i have to say your stalking was very good ;)

now to try ant tear myself away from it and finish the dishes (postie came in the middle of them ;) )

But then i got a wee envelope in the mail with an extra in it that 'disappeared' when the box was sent ... it was an ashford WPI tool and some lovely Merino from 'Shrek'
And here's the parcel i sent:

Sewsable is whom i had to make up a swap for in the latest NZ Fibre Swap of Favourites

So i decided to base it all around her favourite colours - Burgundy, Teal, Peacock and Purple

Included was:


  • Teal Knitting Needles
  • Block of Purple Cadbury
  • Two sets of Teal Stitch markers
  • Purple Soap Roses
  • A diz my Hubby Made
  • A cut of lovely Teal / Flower fabric

I also included one of my Favourites - a taste of a bottle of Beyond Paradise by Estee Launder


  • 100g Polworth Natural roving
  • A Silk Cap/hankie - hand dyed tealy purple
  • Romney Staple dyed teal (and some was combed - but i felt it looked more affective gifted as staple)

Enjoy Sable!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

TNN Fav Book Yarn Swap

Back in December I participated in the Favourite Book Yarn Swap on TNN:

This is the parcel that I sent to the lovely Jo and she loves it ;)

It was made up from the book series The Sword of Truth - to a theme taken from the main characters - Ps i love you

100g Vintage Purls Sock Yarn hand steam/pot dyed with powdered food colourings - Blue, Purple/Violet & Red

Added were hand made gifts of:

  • A chocolate and pink WIP bag
  • Beaded heart stitch markers
  • A photo frame magnet

Patterns were:
True Love Socks
Falling in Love Socks
Cats Love Sweaters

Can’t wait to see it knitted up!

... And the parcel i received:

Based on The Whole of the moon

"the power of friendship can provide the strength to survive"

Paperwork: Homemade Ginger Kisses Recipe

Pattern: Traveling woman by Liz Abinante

Yarn: 100g 4ply merino dyed with mainly red food colouring in different strengths with a bit of purple thrown in for good measure.

Friday, January 22, 2010

January Giveaway - Swift Sack

Hi All!

The first Giveaway this year is a swift sack made by moi!
- i have 2 to giveaway this month!

Here's a pic of them to refresh you memory as to what they are - they fit most 'pull apart X swifts'

So to enter just tell me a quick story of the sort of trouble you found yourself in without a swift,
My DH has agreed to judge for me and the TWO he feels are the funniest will win.

Can't wait to read your entries - Judging will be at 6.00pm, 31st January 2010

Good Luck

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Blendy Box is here!!

My box from Blendy

Loving the samples i got:
20g ‘Luna’ Superwash Merino sock yarn from Grrrl Shaped Yarns
20g Hand dyed Fibre from Vintage Purls
30g ‘694’ 8ply Merino from Touch Yarns
25g Recycled Sari Silk from Yarn Traders
6g handdyed 80% Alpaca/20% Wool from Southern Alpacas Stud
3g ‘Hidden Gems’ 80% SW Merino 20% Bamboo from Moose In Socks

Fab Fibres Sample Pack
2 Stitch Markers from Deena Knits
Pattern, Soles and 2 crochet stitch markers from Marshmellowmagic Designs
No Snag Knitters handcream sample
’I’ve Got Knits’ badge from R.W. Scissors
Gift Tags from Songbird Designs
Little Felt Squares from Fibre Passion
Comvita Skincare Samples
Tea Towel
Sock Pattern from Blendy that looks great

What i missed out on:

Needle Food
Inspire Fibres
Curiouser & Curiouser
The Loop Knittery
Spinning a Yarn
Nut & Bee
Vintage Purls Sock Yarn

Feel its a tad light on the Yarn/Fibre side of things but look forward to having a play with the samples i have :)

Would i purchase it again? .... um no, not unless there were more yarn samples or it was cheaper

Its actually made me think a bit more about the process and weather it is an affective advertising method - as i know the only sites I've looked at are those which where in my box as i can now relate to them so thumbs up. BUT i haven't checked the other suppiers sites - i guess as its a reminded of what i didn't get thumbs down.

I'm Back!

yes I know, I've been neglecting this blog for far to long - i guess with a combination of the festive season and feeling low lately my blog hasn't been on the for-front of my mind.

But i have alot to update over the next wee while:
- My Blendy Sampler Box just arrived
- i have got some lovely gifties from my lovely friend Kate
- My Favoutite Book swap
- Christmas!
- My new spinning wheel and accessories
- Whats happeing in the garden
- The Kids
- The Brag book Tutorial

and so on .... so i'll get started with my Blendy box in a minute :)