Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Blendy Box is here!!

My box from Blendy

Loving the samples i got:
20g ‘Luna’ Superwash Merino sock yarn from Grrrl Shaped Yarns
20g Hand dyed Fibre from Vintage Purls
30g ‘694’ 8ply Merino from Touch Yarns
25g Recycled Sari Silk from Yarn Traders
6g handdyed 80% Alpaca/20% Wool from Southern Alpacas Stud
3g ‘Hidden Gems’ 80% SW Merino 20% Bamboo from Moose In Socks

Fab Fibres Sample Pack
2 Stitch Markers from Deena Knits
Pattern, Soles and 2 crochet stitch markers from Marshmellowmagic Designs
No Snag Knitters handcream sample
’I’ve Got Knits’ badge from R.W. Scissors
Gift Tags from Songbird Designs
Little Felt Squares from Fibre Passion
Comvita Skincare Samples
Tea Towel
Sock Pattern from Blendy that looks great

What i missed out on:

Needle Food
Inspire Fibres
Curiouser & Curiouser
The Loop Knittery
Spinning a Yarn
Nut & Bee
Vintage Purls Sock Yarn

Feel its a tad light on the Yarn/Fibre side of things but look forward to having a play with the samples i have :)

Would i purchase it again? .... um no, not unless there were more yarn samples or it was cheaper

Its actually made me think a bit more about the process and weather it is an affective advertising method - as i know the only sites I've looked at are those which where in my box as i can now relate to them so thumbs up. BUT i haven't checked the other suppiers sites - i guess as its a reminded of what i didn't get thumbs down.


KathyR said...

Still waiting for my box - missed out on the ballot so bought it from the Felt site as soon as they went up. Having seen the photos on Ravelry of the contents of a few of the boxes, I'm inclined to agree with you - a little light on the yarn/fibre content for the $. When I plonked down my money I was really in two minds about whether I was doing the right thing - I think I should have listened to myself. Especially when you say that the sample from Moose in Socks was only 3 grams. That is the one I requested. 3 grams!!! That is hardly enough to see, let alone do anything with! It seems that some suppliers were very generous with their samples and others not so much. Well, maybe later today I'll have my own box to judge for myself. If it doesn't arrive by tomorrow, though...!

Sam said...

oh Kathy! .. i hope that your box arrives soon.

3 g is what my scales say - its about a handful a lovely sample though that i can't wait to spin up but yes it will spin up fast.

KathyR said...

Somehow Blogger just ate my comment! Maybe I wasn't supposed to say what I said?

My box finally arrived Friday morning! The contents were very nice - very similar to yours, in fact except I didn't receive the samples from Southern Alpacas, Deena Kirk and the No Snag cream. Instead I received a 12 g skein of pretty, bright lime cotton from Curiouser and Curiouser and a 5 g sample of pastel hand dyed tussah silk from Inspire Fibres.

I don't think my opinion has changed, however, in that I don't think I will buy another sample box.

marshmellowmagic said...

Hi Sam, They are size NB (newborn) Glad you like them. Thank you for the support Janis (Marshmellowmagic Designs)

marshmellowmagic said...

Hi Sam, They are size NB (newborn) Glad you like them. Thank you for the support, Janis
(Marshmellowmagic Designs)