Thursday, September 30, 2010

Knitting: update time

Okay so this month i decided to take part in a Knit-a-long on Ravelry with a pattern called

Its a well written pattern that even a beginner would be fine following, its written for circulars meaning no seaming - just a continuous knit :)

I've loved this brown and pink yarn sitting together in my stash for a while now and thought that this dress would make the most of them. I 'played' with some embellishing and i also love how it turned out :) - only alteration - was no eyelet round, + knitting a few rounds in the brown with the first one being k2, s1 to 'mirror' the top of the pink before the lace hem, casting off purl wise.

Such a farm girl is miss Beca - so natural the 'sketch' picture has to be my favorite

The second one i cast on the yarn i won from Red Riding Hood Yarns as i mentioned last week. Was so excited to cast it on - the merino is lovely and soft a true pleasure to knit the colour is most 'true' in the picture above. Will be interesting to see how it wears but its ply'd nicely so i hope theres not to much pilling.

Thanks again for the lovely yarn Hannah - i do believe this is the first RRHY finished object too ;)

and in true Beca style one shouldn't stand still and 'pose' when mum desperately wants a photo - cheeky monkey!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Farmlet: We have goats!

Three of them now!

Lilly Goat (2yr old Saanen Doe) came home from learn about living on a Teather in a built up area after she broke loose when we got her - and so far so good Shes got a great personality and seems to be loving her new surroundings.

And then in the weekend we adopted two kids - both boys with mischief in their bounce and love in their eyes. We have named them Bert & Ernie they are British Alpine so not sure what / when their colouring will change but traditionally they are black with white markings on their face.

The girls are loving playing with them while they discover our gardens - soon they will start learning about living on a teather as well in hope that they will control the grass under the trees and around the boundaries.

Its great to have animals with amazing personalities around - Beca has really taken to tending to their every need. Whereas Emma asks question after question about them and thinks that they should sleep in her room - maybe she takes after her mother there.

Mark has also learnt not to listen to me and realised that my sense of judgement is lacking in some areas after he spent an evening building a house for Lilly goat that doesn't quite fit her - oops!
I sure do have some learning to do, but i still stand by my thoughts as when i was a child our family goats lived in a drum and i swear they could turn around in it - they were quite content!
Just shows how viewing the world through the eyes of a child is different then that of a adult - all fun and minimal responsibility (how i miss those days at times .....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I WON: Red Riding Hood Yarns Giveaway

Isn't it lovely!

Hannah from Red Riding Hood Yarns has just launched her own hand dyed yarn online store. And there was a giveaway to celebrate this success which i won! - i know how exciting! - nothing like winning something to lift the spirits!

I've been watching her weekly updates from the side lines as i really should be sticking to my "knit the stash" agreement - but there have been some lovely colour-ways released weekly and temptation can only last so long i'm sure!

But back to my prize - at Tuesdays knitting i was hand delivered 200g of her lovely 8ply Merino yarn in "Boysenberry Sorbet" - 100g variegated & 100g solid trim - with two wee Chocolate Sante Bars YUM ... yarn and chocolate a perfect pair.

So thanks heaps Hannah

i'm still not sure what to knit with it yet but can't wait to put it to good use - any suggestions?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mail Call: TNN Yarn Lovers Swap Box

In this swap you can take one thing from a box of goodies and replace it then send on to the next person on the list.

After much time and effort drooling, patting and imagining the possibilities - I took out some lovely Vintage Purls sock yarn and a needle for socks - however i'm not sure if this will end up as socks or a scarf yet ......

Yarn is a bit brighter in real life - now to wait for round two ......

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sewing: Modern Cloth Nappy

And its so cute!!!

You just have to love the amazing nappies that are now available with 'Modern Cloth Nappies' - this one has lime cow print PUL and cow suede inner for easy clean ;)

Since before Emma was born i decided that i would use cloth nappies on my children, there were many pros and cons but when it comes down to it - using cloth makes me smile.

If its something you want to look into then theres a great web site that you must visit -

it has all the info you need and a great forum full of ladies that are more than happy to help you understand the colourful and rewarding world of cloth.

but yes its taken me this long to start making some cute wee 'pocket nappies' myself.

This one is a 'Sams Sneaky Snappy Nappy' .... thanks to my good friend Kate as half my shopping was in her stash ;) - and she also passed on some expert advice and started a new addiction for me! ..... Her work is amazing though and i can only aspire to create the cuteness that comes from her and her machine.

Let me tell you more ..... Like me Kate is a mum to two wee girls, but she has also created her own business from the ground up, with a year or two of extensive testing and ongoing development to the needs of her customers - all amongst the daily chores and demands of a busy mum.

Shes the founder of Bib and Tucker - Boutique New Zealand made cloth nappies. They sure are the best fit nappies we've used - not to mention the have an amazing cuteness factor built in. Her latest collections have included some soft minky nappies (YUM!) and of course her unique hand painted nappies - these really are a work of art!
such time and thought go into each and every one.

Bib and Tucker nappies seem (by my eyes) to have a firm following which is not surprising as not only are they NZ made, the quality high and their fit so good, but Kate is forever listening to feedback she receives and tweaking the small things that count to improve her product - the tell of a true key to success.

Bib and Tucker also have a blog - when you can keep up with the latest collections that have been released, link to the Etsy store and contact Kate with any questions or an order - I hear that her latest shipment headed to the UK - what a cool achievement!

Kate sure has a true passion for cloth nappies - congrats on your success my friend :)

And thanks for providing my girl with a nappy that i never want to hide away xxx

Have you got a nappy that you never want to cover up?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space: I've been productive (Picture Heavy)

At the moment my crafting is along the lines of sewing!

.... heres whats been stitched lately

This Smocket may turn up somewhere in NZ soon ......

This one seems to have someone in love with it already - but is awaiting snaps or buttons .....

This ones really sweet ... and homeless thus far

Shhhhh this project is under wraps and heading to be amongst some true goodness

Theres two Bits & Bobs holders - currently homeless

Another Bits & Bobs holder that found a new home :)

& something all cut out & ready to sew ..... and then my iron died so its going to have to wait :( - now what to do today?? - clean.... boo hiss

Anything take your fancy ;)

If you like the idea of seeing what crafting people have been up to then head over to Kootoyoo for a creative space roundup :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swaps: TNN Surprise Me #2

Yay this swap arrived at its new owner Jen yesterday so i can now show you all the crafting that went into it :)

Jen requested a needle case, so after hours looking through fabrics i finally found a lovely red and cream quilting cotton to co-ordinate with the deep red and brown curtain fabric i fell in love with. Certainly interesting to sew though - the machine didn't like it much but i got there in the end.
Crafted up a wee Work in Progress bag to compliment it as well - although Emma though that this was perfect for her dolls it managed to find its way with the rest of the swap in the end.

Adding some additions to stash and this great wee card making book i found in the shop when browsing to go with a sheet of 'graffiti' stickers, Quote Plaques, Plaster Hearts and a little boy which i think would look so cute on a baby card <3

Hope you have some great crafting Jen, and enjoy your new needle holder and wip bag xxx

Garden: It sure is spring! (full of photos)

Well today I stopped at took at look at the garden through the lens of the camera ... it shows just how nature can create beauty - as i think about those whos beauty has been upset and or destroyed by nature with the weekends quake in Christchurch. So look around you, appreciate what nature has provided you with as it could be changed again before you know it.

Now i'll let the photos show you the amazing picture our garden is at the moment

oh ... and I've been busy creating in the kitchen too
- Divine Pumpkin Bread & Carrot cake mmmm

The glasshouse..

Our chooks - now have 8 whom are laying 6 + eggs daily

Emma showing me how high she thinks the strawberries should grow