Friday, September 24, 2010

Farmlet: We have goats!

Three of them now!

Lilly Goat (2yr old Saanen Doe) came home from learn about living on a Teather in a built up area after she broke loose when we got her - and so far so good Shes got a great personality and seems to be loving her new surroundings.

And then in the weekend we adopted two kids - both boys with mischief in their bounce and love in their eyes. We have named them Bert & Ernie they are British Alpine so not sure what / when their colouring will change but traditionally they are black with white markings on their face.

The girls are loving playing with them while they discover our gardens - soon they will start learning about living on a teather as well in hope that they will control the grass under the trees and around the boundaries.

Its great to have animals with amazing personalities around - Beca has really taken to tending to their every need. Whereas Emma asks question after question about them and thinks that they should sleep in her room - maybe she takes after her mother there.

Mark has also learnt not to listen to me and realised that my sense of judgement is lacking in some areas after he spent an evening building a house for Lilly goat that doesn't quite fit her - oops!
I sure do have some learning to do, but i still stand by my thoughts as when i was a child our family goats lived in a drum and i swear they could turn around in it - they were quite content!
Just shows how viewing the world through the eyes of a child is different then that of a adult - all fun and minimal responsibility (how i miss those days at times .....

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