Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swaps: TNN Surprise Me #2

Yay this swap arrived at its new owner Jen yesterday so i can now show you all the crafting that went into it :)

Jen requested a needle case, so after hours looking through fabrics i finally found a lovely red and cream quilting cotton to co-ordinate with the deep red and brown curtain fabric i fell in love with. Certainly interesting to sew though - the machine didn't like it much but i got there in the end.
Crafted up a wee Work in Progress bag to compliment it as well - although Emma though that this was perfect for her dolls it managed to find its way with the rest of the swap in the end.

Adding some additions to stash and this great wee card making book i found in the shop when browsing to go with a sheet of 'graffiti' stickers, Quote Plaques, Plaster Hearts and a little boy which i think would look so cute on a baby card <3

Hope you have some great crafting Jen, and enjoy your new needle holder and wip bag xxx

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