Friday, September 10, 2010

Sewing: Modern Cloth Nappy

And its so cute!!!

You just have to love the amazing nappies that are now available with 'Modern Cloth Nappies' - this one has lime cow print PUL and cow suede inner for easy clean ;)

Since before Emma was born i decided that i would use cloth nappies on my children, there were many pros and cons but when it comes down to it - using cloth makes me smile.

If its something you want to look into then theres a great web site that you must visit -

it has all the info you need and a great forum full of ladies that are more than happy to help you understand the colourful and rewarding world of cloth.

but yes its taken me this long to start making some cute wee 'pocket nappies' myself.

This one is a 'Sams Sneaky Snappy Nappy' .... thanks to my good friend Kate as half my shopping was in her stash ;) - and she also passed on some expert advice and started a new addiction for me! ..... Her work is amazing though and i can only aspire to create the cuteness that comes from her and her machine.

Let me tell you more ..... Like me Kate is a mum to two wee girls, but she has also created her own business from the ground up, with a year or two of extensive testing and ongoing development to the needs of her customers - all amongst the daily chores and demands of a busy mum.

Shes the founder of Bib and Tucker - Boutique New Zealand made cloth nappies. They sure are the best fit nappies we've used - not to mention the have an amazing cuteness factor built in. Her latest collections have included some soft minky nappies (YUM!) and of course her unique hand painted nappies - these really are a work of art!
such time and thought go into each and every one.

Bib and Tucker nappies seem (by my eyes) to have a firm following which is not surprising as not only are they NZ made, the quality high and their fit so good, but Kate is forever listening to feedback she receives and tweaking the small things that count to improve her product - the tell of a true key to success.

Bib and Tucker also have a blog - when you can keep up with the latest collections that have been released, link to the Etsy store and contact Kate with any questions or an order - I hear that her latest shipment headed to the UK - what a cool achievement!

Kate sure has a true passion for cloth nappies - congrats on your success my friend :)

And thanks for providing my girl with a nappy that i never want to hide away xxx

Have you got a nappy that you never want to cover up?


PaisleyJade said...

Those cow cloth nappies are the cutest nappies ever!!!

aliah said...

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