Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sewing: 2nd in charge ... for Homemade Christmas

So santa has started the list of sewing I've 'planned' for this years home made Christmas - yes you read right my 'Goal' this Christmas is to remind myself & teach my children that you don't 'need' to buy into the commercial hype of Christmas. So the list is long as I have a stocking for each of the girls & one for Hubby (ideas welcome!!)

so heres the first Item:

 A reversible apron for Emma a.k.a 2nd in charge in the kitchen. Tonight she rolled out a tray of ginger nut biscuits herself so i think this is going to be greatly appreciated (well i hope!!)

I've also been busy sewing stock for Flat Tack - more Nappy Wallets and another Satchel Bag -- oh i wish there were more hours in the day to craft all the things in my head, but alas i still have 2 goats to feed, Kids to teach the ways of the world & garden that I've started weeding ..... Rome wasn't built in a day right?!?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sewing: Todays Creations

Its been a busy day here as between the chores of running solo, i've been creating some new items for {Flat Tack}.
The more I draft in my design book the more i want to transform my ideas and patterns into garments & accessories, so to sit down at the end of the day with two new patterns born is so rewarding.

Firstly the Nappy Wallet - now as a Mum there comes a time where you find carrying the nappy bag out for quick trips is a touch of an over kill when all you seem to be using is the essentials.  I've been carrying them in a wet bag but think this wallet has just a touch more class.
Perfect to just slip in your bag as you pop out for a quick trip.

and secondly today I designed this Satchel Bag to the fabric - the flowers actually have silver outlining that the camera hasn't shown  & i love it! (hence putting the rest back into stash to become a A-line skirt at this stage )  The straps a great length to cross over from shoulder to hip and it fits a a4 book or two fine.

So theres my busy day ... how did you fill yours?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a wee something on the side

So with all the crafting I've been up to lately, I have decided to put some items up for sale - exciting!

so heres a wee launch for

I'm one crafty Mum that loves to create unique items for myself & my children.
People asked me to start creating items for them - I accepted and became Flat Tack

Flat Tack is here to offer you unique handmade items made from the ♥.

Selling locally at markets or if theres something you see and must have, then buying online is also an option - just flick me a message.

Unique Crafty & Handmade Items

- Bags
- Nappy Wallets
- Girls Tops & Dresses
- Unique Accessories
- Aprons

Office Items
- Book Covers
- Fabric Pin/Thumb Tacks
- Fabric Magnets

Craft Notions
- Stitch Markers
- Pin Cushions
- Crafty Bits & Bobs Holder - perfect in your knitting bag to hold the odds and ends

& hopefully the odd Tutorial ♥

But with becoming addicted to the art of sewing and as i learn i hope to pass on tips, tricks and tutorials i find helpful. I'm also here to inspire and motivate you as a fellow crafter.

Stop by, say hi and i hope you 'like' being inspired with Flat Tack via a facebook page (of course right!) and I've added a page on my blog.

Much love

Sam xx

oh and heres a few pics of my latest sewing successes


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Knitting: Naki #6 Yarn Swap

Yip another swap - they are just so much fun!

Our local knitting group is such a wonderful group of lovely supportive ladies (and the odd husband that appears at supper time and then usually slips away again ;) )
Its so great as a stay at home mum, to have deserved time out together and have like-minded people to lend an ear when needed or most importantly to be an ear for others - something I've learn't in recent years is you just never know how much its appreciated xx

So with our weekly catchup between sharing laughs and a great time not only do we enjoy the odd block of chocolate and some amazing baking - we also have Swap nights and this post is all about #6

This time out theme was : Fairytales .. i love this wee 'blurb' Nyree wrote for this swap

.... according to The Naki Folklore

Once upon a time, far far away (The Naki) lived a beautiful flock of women. These beautiful woman needed beautiful things. What could be more beautiful than fine yarns and gifts you say? Well my dears....fine yarns hand dyed none the less and gifts chosen carefully by crafting sisters of the beautiful women. Legend has it that these crafting sisters set to work searching high and low across many lands and seas (ay Laura!) to find many perfect things for the beautiful women. These gifts will one day be revealed to those who wait with only the most reserved patience. The date set for this shall be the 5th October 2010.

Heres my swap I received from Laura

Theme: Sleeping Beauty

Included was:

-200g Little Wool Company Handyed Tower Vines … (maybe longies for beca?)
- A Handmade Spindle (WOW)
- 110g Fibre Roving - merino, silk, glitter mix YUMMO!!!! - will be spun with a scarf for me in mind (YAY)
- little bottle of Jacobs Creek Bubbles (saving that for a lovely summer evening)

Thanks Laura its lovely - i do love this picture its crisp and rich green reminding me of the spring grass growth Lilly goat is enjoying out in the sun today.

And the swap i put together:

Was for Lizzie the fairytale she chose was Hansel & Gretel, i had a lot of fun with this one thinking about how to include aspects of the story and suit it to her family - seems it was well received as her little boy is a bit under the weather so an activity book was a great distraction xxx

I included:
- 200g Bendigo Classic handyed in ‘Candyland’
- Kiddie Cookie Mix Jar
- Bread Trail Stitch Markers
- Sweet Rainbow Little Girl Clippies
- Hansel & Gretel’s Little Boy Activity Book & Pens
- ‘A pocket full of Pebbles’ stones
which Emma collected and wanted to add to ‘Mummys house box for Lizzie’ :)

Love these cookie jars - may have to remember this for presents heading into the festive season

The yarn is dyed with food colouring, fixed with vinegar can't wait to see how it knits up ... am thinking of trying some acid dyes in the future but do like the 'safe' aspect of the non toxic option.

There were about 8/10 ish other people in the swap and the parcels were just so great, i really love seeing what people come up with heres some links to them: