Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sewing: 2nd in charge ... for Homemade Christmas

So santa has started the list of sewing I've 'planned' for this years home made Christmas - yes you read right my 'Goal' this Christmas is to remind myself & teach my children that you don't 'need' to buy into the commercial hype of Christmas. So the list is long as I have a stocking for each of the girls & one for Hubby (ideas welcome!!)

so heres the first Item:

 A reversible apron for Emma a.k.a 2nd in charge in the kitchen. Tonight she rolled out a tray of ginger nut biscuits herself so i think this is going to be greatly appreciated (well i hope!!)

I've also been busy sewing stock for Flat Tack - more Nappy Wallets and another Satchel Bag -- oh i wish there were more hours in the day to craft all the things in my head, but alas i still have 2 goats to feed, Kids to teach the ways of the world & garden that I've started weeding ..... Rome wasn't built in a day right?!?

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Leonie said...

Love the apron... thats exactly what I need to make my eldest daughter.
I have been making Christmas stockings for the past 7 years - check out an idea here that I have made for my dad and hubby (its about half way down the page)