Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just a word to all ..

Sams Snippets is taking a break - i don't know how long, just as i'm chosing to focus on other things at the moment .. when i'm strong enough i might come back sorry.

Sam xxx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Earflap Hat

Cute wee Beca ... and a hat i whipped up in 48 hrs!!! (no i wasn't knitting for 48 hours!)

Ravlery Link - with details :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beca's Longies are finished!!

Really LOVE knitting this pattern .. this time I magic looped 2 legs at once .. was great to have finished when i got to the bottom of the legs

Love how the wool has knitted up - certainly are original - if you remember back to the First Naki Yarn Swap this is the wool that Trudi gave me!

Look great -- silly me let the sun on them when they were blocking so the front is a touch yellowed :( … But they fit great! .. touch to long so folding up the hem - but that means they will certainly last all winter! WOOHOO

… now planing a avocado hoodie to match YUM!

and of course Ravlery details

Friday, February 19, 2010

Naki - I Love you Yarn Swap 3.0

Yes I've done another another Naki swap - this time based on 3 little words

mine were: Lillie's, Butterfly & Flowers

The swap included:
200g 8 ply handyedLillie's” in soft greens with blues and yellows
a Notebook with Flowers and Butterfly's on it (couldn't resist when i saw it in the shop)
And a set of stitch markers to go with the Notebook.

Was a really neat swap - even though my words were a lot more ‘straight forward then others’ i still tried to move away from the pinks and girlyness and do something different (i think it worked)

Trudi received my swap - although i had fallen in love with the dye job again so she was lucky to get it ;)

Stitch Markers

Notebook, Yarn & Stichmarkers
Rav details:

And the wicked parcel i received based on 3 little words:

Bohemian, Chinese & Simple

Titled: Green Tea
I received:
200g TWC 8ply Han dyed with Food colouring : Tea Plantation a semi solid green (just what i was after!!!)
Fleur notelets to write your little musing upon whilst sipping your Green tea
A pattern for a Tea Cosy (something any self respecting chic bohemian lady should have)
Origami paper and instructions to fold your own table (upon which to drink your tea and write your musings)

Thanks heaps knappers - I Love it!! .. and so do the girls!

Rav Link:

Will update later with Pic of all the other Yarn/Parcels in this swap :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the Winners Are .......

So i printed out the comments (un named) and passed to hubby he read and read with comments like ''5 cats - shes mad" and "why reskien a skein just because you've dyed it" followed by "If knitting's so popular why do you only have 6 entries" ..... Yes way to make me feel popular ;) ... and ofcourse he understands kids and knitting after Emmas attempt with mine :(

But anyway after her was done reading he said "why do I have to pick two when you have a pile of these swifty sack things" ... my answer "so i can sell some and buy more yarn!" .... his answer "well for advertising purposes i say we give them all one!

SOooo ........... I Agreed!

Therefore ... if everyone who entered can send me their address
(local girls I'll bring yours to knitting)
Then I can post them out to you all :)