Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the Winners Are .......

So i printed out the comments (un named) and passed to hubby he read and read with comments like ''5 cats - shes mad" and "why reskien a skein just because you've dyed it" followed by "If knitting's so popular why do you only have 6 entries" ..... Yes way to make me feel popular ;) ... and ofcourse he understands kids and knitting after Emmas attempt with mine :(

But anyway after her was done reading he said "why do I have to pick two when you have a pile of these swifty sack things" ... my answer "so i can sell some and buy more yarn!" .... his answer "well for advertising purposes i say we give them all one!

SOooo ........... I Agreed!

Therefore ... if everyone who entered can send me their address
(local girls I'll bring yours to knitting)
Then I can post them out to you all :)


Julia said...

Wow that's so generous of you guys! I knew there was a reason I should've entered, but I didn't have a story to compare to the others, but there'll be lots of happy swift owners today!

Alison said...

Wow that's so nice of you Sam. My craft cupboard will love you for it, as will I ;-) At the moment I have to shut the door quick to avoid the avalanche triggered by stuffing my swift back in.