Friday, July 30, 2010

Naki Swap #5 - Fat Quarter Themed

So last night was Swap night at Knitting ... oh how I LOVE swaps!!

Our brief was: FAT QUARTER SWAP
The Draw: Tues 18 May - Wrap 1 fat quarter with your name and any important info inside (eg: must have 8ply or make something with the fa
t quarter) We'll draw fat quarters to use for our swap. If you want to parti
cipate but can't make the date, just let me know and I'll sort it out. The Swap: 100g 4ply/200g 8ply Gift worth approx $5 + stuff from stash if you want. You can use the fat quarter if you want, but there is no obligation to, if you don't make anything from it, j
ust return it with the swap. Reveal date end of June

And as usual there was some amazing parcels that had been put together! and new skills learnt. It was my job to be photographer of the night so here are some the swaps:

For Laura from Angela

For Lizzie from Sheryl

For Angela from Kate

For Julia from Laura

For Kristy from Julia

For Kate from Me (Sam)

For Me (Sam) from Lizzie

For Sheryl from Kristy

All stunning!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spinners Sunday

Well this week I managed to find time to get the wheel out, first time since February. I even learn't some new techniques, including some Navajo plying. In my recent efforts i also came across a website that i found very helpful - The Joy of Handspinning it has some great information and videos. .... now Hubby thinks I should spin the possum fur he pucked for some gloves for him
(I quickly put the wheel away ;)

So heres the 100g Vintage Purls Perendale combed silver i spun into 2 singles then plied together - there are some amazing colours in it which i didn't even notice while i was spinning at night - Morag @ Vintage Purls is certainly able to get some amazing results with her dye jobs!

I finally found a pattern - Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf that clicked with the yarn and it only took 3 evenings amongst the chores of a mother to complete.

No doubt it will get a lot of use before winter is out!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Soft & Sweet

So now that its made its destination I can reveal the pin cushion
which I made for the recent Swap I participated in.

It Included:

A 'Girly' Pincushion filled with Fudge
A Scissor Charm
Sweet wee note card that could be recycled into a card front or fridge magnet

And it was all a bit of trial and error ... first time i'd gone 'designer' fabric shopping (on purpose) .. found some nice 'girly' fabric from a lovely Collection from Abbey Rose (i think - eek sorry) and created this pincushion from an old baby food jar with the idea that you could pop some thread and buttons in the jar or extra pins.
I then hunted out a white fudge recipe which ended up being sweetened condensed milk and white chocolate melted down together with a dash of pink food colouring something i hadn't baked before so was an interesting experiment - not much you can do to stop chocolate and condensed milk tasting good though luckily!
I also made a wee Scissor charm to match the pincushion and a note card - all gratefully received

I've been on a wee pin cushion 'phase' ... watch this space ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mail Call: full of surprises

Yip more mail for me today (one of the bonuses of swaps ;) )

This was an amazing wee package and I truly did not know what to expect - as there are quite a few crafty pass times i have so it may have been full of supplies for my stash or crafted items.

But the bag was full of both! ....
A wee reversible? bag that will be for knitting WIP's (funny as I've been thinking of a design like this lately!) Its very cool to close it the long strap goes through the short one - and the fabric is very cool!

And a pile of stash bits and tool
- Divine Kiwiana fabric
- Ashford WPI tool for spinning
- some cute wee Charms
- Mini Board Book Kit
- Handmade Foam Flowers
- Little Birthday Embellishments
- Textured blue cards & envelopes
- Clear alphabet stamps - have been looking for something like this for ages so now i need a clear block for them they are super funky!

Now to be a super sluth and find out just where it came from -- thats if i can stop checking it all out again and imagining uses i can find for it ;)

Thanks Swappee

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fibre Filled RAoK

Yes you read that right - lucky lucky me was the recipient of an amazing Random act of Kindness - Fibre Style. I really can not thank the person whom sent me such AMAZING fluffy mail enough!!! … on a crap day when all your expecting is bills a surprise like that is amazing and i’m still buzzing, and stroking, and in awwwwww!

so heres some pics …..

Now to find some spinning time

and as there was a return address i sent a wee set of stitch back as a thank you - was the least i could do for such a RAoK


Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Knitting

I did mention that I would update with all the knitting I've done - so heres a post full of pics :)

Aviatrix Baby Hat

A skirt that came about from the Dale of Norway Dress Pattern - lets just say I've learn't how important gauge is now

Lattice Scarf - For me!!

And a Hoodie to match the pants and hand-warmers I've knitted - this set actually got selected for the Creative Fiber Exhibition - Fibreworks

Gosh looking at it all like that makes me tired! .. but knitting is great fun - and wonderful at making use of car traveling! ... i'm also working on a few wee baby things for a wonderful friend of mine .. and wow not only is newborn quick to knit they are so cute and little!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mailbox goodies!!

look what showed up for me today ......

A pincushion!! ... it is so sweet! I've been eying up this pattern for a while and its just so cute and lovely - very well sewn i feel so lucky. The fabric is very cool as well - and i'm sure with all this sewing i'm doing it will get spiked very soon!

And it came wrapped in this cool fabric - lucky lucky me!!

and ... after the one i have made gets to its new owner i'll share that too

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another TNN Swap

This time it was a surprise me swap

- so i made up a package for HappyChik ..... her wedding cake was black and pink ... so i thought these may be her colours - and the requests were all for knitting accessories so ask and thy shall receive.

I sent:
One of my new designs a 'Knitting Hold Alls'
complete with a set of stitch markers, needle & mini scissors and a scissor charm
And a 'Make it yourself' Interchangeable Knitting needle case set for Jo's pattern

Now for a bit of mail box stalking to see what turns up for me!!