Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spinners Sunday

Well this week I managed to find time to get the wheel out, first time since February. I even learn't some new techniques, including some Navajo plying. In my recent efforts i also came across a website that i found very helpful - The Joy of Handspinning it has some great information and videos. .... now Hubby thinks I should spin the possum fur he pucked for some gloves for him
(I quickly put the wheel away ;)

So heres the 100g Vintage Purls Perendale combed silver i spun into 2 singles then plied together - there are some amazing colours in it which i didn't even notice while i was spinning at night - Morag @ Vintage Purls is certainly able to get some amazing results with her dye jobs!

I finally found a pattern - Misti Chunky Ribs & Ruffles Scarf that clicked with the yarn and it only took 3 evenings amongst the chores of a mother to complete.

No doubt it will get a lot of use before winter is out!


Rainbow Child said...

three evenings?!?! awsome!

Sam said...

yip - the joy of big needles and bulky yarns ;) love it! .... now looking for some nice greens to spin and knit another one

KathyR said...

Looks great - you certainly don't hang around once you get started! :)

Sam said...

Thanks Kathy - honestly though it didn't take that long - but the want to wear it certainly was great motivation!!

nova_j said...

oooh i bet that is lovely & toasty!!