Sunday, July 4, 2010

My Knitting

I did mention that I would update with all the knitting I've done - so heres a post full of pics :)

Aviatrix Baby Hat

A skirt that came about from the Dale of Norway Dress Pattern - lets just say I've learn't how important gauge is now

Lattice Scarf - For me!!

And a Hoodie to match the pants and hand-warmers I've knitted - this set actually got selected for the Creative Fiber Exhibition - Fibreworks

Gosh looking at it all like that makes me tired! .. but knitting is great fun - and wonderful at making use of car traveling! ... i'm also working on a few wee baby things for a wonderful friend of mine .. and wow not only is newborn quick to knit they are so cute and little!!

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KathyR said...

Wow, you have been busy! Some lovely knitting there - I especially like the colours of the hoodie/hand warmers/pants set. Very nice and well done to get selected for the exhibition!