Friday, July 30, 2010

Naki Swap #5 - Fat Quarter Themed

So last night was Swap night at Knitting ... oh how I LOVE swaps!!

Our brief was: FAT QUARTER SWAP
The Draw: Tues 18 May - Wrap 1 fat quarter with your name and any important info inside (eg: must have 8ply or make something with the fa
t quarter) We'll draw fat quarters to use for our swap. If you want to parti
cipate but can't make the date, just let me know and I'll sort it out. The Swap: 100g 4ply/200g 8ply Gift worth approx $5 + stuff from stash if you want. You can use the fat quarter if you want, but there is no obligation to, if you don't make anything from it, j
ust return it with the swap. Reveal date end of June

And as usual there was some amazing parcels that had been put together! and new skills learnt. It was my job to be photographer of the night so here are some the swaps:

For Laura from Angela

For Lizzie from Sheryl

For Angela from Kate

For Julia from Laura

For Kristy from Julia

For Kate from Me (Sam)

For Me (Sam) from Lizzie

For Sheryl from Kristy

All stunning!

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Rainbow Child said...

gorgeous!!! i particulary like the purples that Laura dyed up! <3