Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August .... already!

So far this month our letterbox feels like its attracting nothing much but bills .... I've failed to notice the car WOF until it is now a week over due .... great start huh! ..... seems that theres a pattern here. It feels like there are not enough hours in the day to complete the chores that need doing - or perhaps i'm not doing them fast enough?

But everyday I've been taking a moment out to stop and think,
I've noticed how much my children teach me,
be it the small things like how fun it is to just smile and giggle when pulling washing off the line as mums trying to put it on,
to the big things like how important and happy we feel when love is forever present in our lives. I've found that on days when i stop being controlled by what has to be done and take a moment to share and feel the love with my girls our house runs at a happier level.

Being a Stay at home mum comes with its own challenges and benefits, its only occurred to me lately that there are a lot of things i never realised as i was growing up - like how much you can teach your children by getting them involved in whats happening, not to mention the ease and sense of achievement and involvement that comes from doing something together. We really are our children's first teachers in life, we role model such basic skills that we don't even know we are doing.
It amazes me some days when i stop and watch the girls play, Emma is such a wee delight leading and teaching skills to her little sister - of course there are the moments when she turns and says in the harsh but not quite yelling voice "Rebecca i have told you, i just need you to stop touching that" or "i'm busy, just wait" .... just as i have role modeled to her no doubt, it does bring a tear to my eye when she recalls moments that i'd prefer not to have happened.
But it reminds me to stop and look at the way i'm acting at times because that is how my children see me and although i know that i'm not perfect, i do have the passion to try my best to be the best mum i can to my amazing blessings - thats all i can do.

Now i think I've babbled enough - and the purpose of this post was actually to say i'm starting some spring cleaning and i'm feeling change in the air ... so watch this space as when i have time my blog is going to get a revamp .....
... is there anything you want to see more of?
.... is there anything you'd like to see less of?

I'm open for any suggestions xxx

Hope your having a lovely, sunny and happy day


Rainbow Child said...

what a lovely post Sam <3

i look forward to seeing your revamped blog! i did it myself recently and it feels great to have a change :)

Sam said...

Aww thanks :) ... some times i feels like its just ramblings ;)

KathyR said...

It is so good to see that you have your eyes (and heart) open now, instead of waiting until you little treasures are grown and gone to see the joys around you as you bring up your children. So many don't appreciate those precious times until it is too late. Lovely to hear of kids being kids!

Sam said...

Thanks Kathy .. our (and all) Kids sure are special wee people :)