Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knitting: A little dress for a little girl

The biggest item I've knitted thus far in my just over one year of knitting

I've learn't how to read a pattern, and a few new ways to wrap yarn around needles to get some rather cute end results.

The pattern I followed for this dress is the Oriental Lily by tiKKI

Its a very easy knit in the round, but on this one I've used a lace hem pattern rather then garter stitch, and i just love the way that its come out - nice and girly but not 'too fancy' (those who know me know i'm not a frills girl - more of a plain jane) even if it looks a tad christmas'y
Heres the RAVELRY page for those whom want more details.

It was a beautiful spring day here today and Beca always likes to help out Dad with the task at hand - new dress or not its all about mucking in to her. Our cheeky wee monkey!

I'm so happy its done - doesn't she look impressed!


Rainbow Child said...

so so so SO GORGEOUS! <3

nova_j said...

seriously cute! love the facials too ;)

KathyR said...

Very, very cute!

Sam said...

Thanks ladies :) always such great pride when crafted items turn out great :)

Josh said...

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