Saturday, August 14, 2010

A bit of (NEEDED) time out

When you become a parent you begin to wonder what you ever did with your time before 'the kids' as it seems some days you do nothing but tend to them. You also start to wonder if you will ever get a break from the continuous demands there are, and if your like me - you start to realise that its important for sanity's sake to make time for yourself, and for your relationship.

So yesterday we were lucky enough to have some escape time.
Took the opportunity to try somewhere we hadn't been for dinner before, after a few laps up and down the main street (for old times sake) we parked outside the Ultra Lounge.
Have to say we made a great choice! Its not often my Hubby and i go out for dinner these days and the older i get the more i'm open to trying new things. When it came to choosing a wine to compliment my steak i had ordered i automatically looked at the reds - but the waiter suggested i sample one that was on trial for the wine list. Not one to say no, he brought a Sauvignon Blanc to the table which was fresh and crisp, so inviting i decided to start with a glass (those whom know me will know Sav B is my fav!) ... Although i also pre-ordered a Hawkes Bay Cab Merlot to side my main, call me a traditionalist ... in the end both glasses were a good choice and sure found their way straight to my head.

Dinner was amazing though - starting with the old faithful garlic bread which melted in the mouth at the first bite. It was a bonus when we were served with a complimentary taste of soup of the day - Coconut, Tomato with Vanilla bean oil from chef and thats when i knew dinner wasn't going to disappoint. Main course came Fish of the day - Hapuka pan fried with scallops, prawns and a Jerusalem artichoke puree for Mark which i was lucky enough to sample (er i mean let melt in my mouth) before the plate was empty. My Main was the Beef fillet which i asked to be on kumera mash instead of polenta, complimented with chestnuts, baby beets, broad beans and spinach drizzled with truffle oil - now you know the chef is sure of his meat when they don't provide a steak knife - and they were right it was that tender you didn't need one. WOW seriously the most flavorsome meal i've had for a while, i certainly understand the 'fuss' over truffle oil now. Plates almost licked clean! & no time for desert due to savoring the moment all i could!

Over dinner we decided that we'd head to a movie rather than G Taranaki and Inception certainly didn't disappoint either, i think i forgot to blink from about halfway. Totality worth it though and as i was finishing late and the weather was appalling we decided to wing it, making a night of it and took the chance to catch up with my pre-kids work mates @ The Waterfront Hotel, booking the last available room for the evening (Mark was SO relieved when they said a standard room was left vacant - i think we were both expecting to hear Penthouse EEK!) It certainly was great to have a true night out stopping at a bar or two on the walk back from the movies (in hindsight not the best night to 'wear in' new boots) but i must confess knowing how good the Salmon Eggs Benny is at Ultra Lounge, i had already decided that was my brunch the following morning so it was great to cut down on travel between meals!

However ...... it is a tad embarrassing when you turn up for brunch at the same place you went for dinner, in the same clothes ..... and have the same waiter!
Oh well we soon got over that and enjoyed the rest of our 'break' with more mouth watering, flavour filled food and top rate service.

Now back to reality & how special is it when you get that 'love you - missed you hug' from such special little people, love them both so much xxxx

But hope its not such a long wait until the next one hehe


Rainbow Child said...

dude, i am actually salivating............

Sam said...

ha! sorry ... yeah it was actually that good tho ;)