Sunday, October 11, 2009


being a lovely fine day with Beca down for a sleep i decided to finish mowing the lawn - Emma normally just watches and plays with dolly so i wasn't to worried ... until i came in and found this:

Yes i have learnt that my little girl loves wool as much as me ... i just wish it wasn't this one she decided to 'knit' -- yes when i came in and asked her what she was doing .... "coz i'm just knitting mummy"

Yes that is my Paua Yarn swap yarn!

I'm beside myself and don't even know where to start untangling this mess


Rainbow Child said...

Oh My God Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam said...

i know! .. i think i'll have to wind a ball and then rehank again!

Jo's Place said...

oh no, I've so been there. Little people (and cats) with yarn don't mix. I have a shopping bag with un-dyed yarn sitting in it that looks very much like your mess. It will take awhile to untangle, but it can be done :)

Sam said...

.. yeah .. and my lovely MIL has offered to untangle it for me