Friday, October 23, 2009

Todays knitting

Well I'm expanding my knitting skills again with another one of Kelly's designs!

This time its a pair of Looking Glass Longies - and i must say it may be that the pattern is easy to follow but I'm going great so far! .. my next step is the short rows - here's hoping they go well.

These pants are the first of my Christmas knitting list.

And hers photos of my progress thus far - Rav link


Anonymous said...

Looking gret! And what a beautiful yarn colourway :)

Jo's Place said...

Great going Sam, they are looking fantastic. I agree with Kelly beautiful colourway :)

Sam said...

Yeah i'm loving the 'seastorm' - Hand dyed by Ange (Zayarn on TNN)

I'm really proud of them ;)

Anonymous said...

The LGL are next on my to do list! Love the colour way too.