Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More bookmaking ....

so today i finally got around to making a wee gifty for our neighbours who have also just become grandparents to a lovely wee girl (i hope i remember rightly) .. and every Gran needs a brag book right?

I'm just in love with this wee Brag book! It almost didn't get wrapped up to leave my nest - but alas I've decided that i could always recreate - however i try to keep all my work original so I'm thinking it will stay as a one of a kind. The pitty part was i was 2 hours late for it to head over to Aussie - oh well I'm sure it will get well used when they're home again.

And in other news:
- one more sleep till Yarn Swap
- Baby + No Nappy + Moving off mat on floor = Big cleanup job after moving backwards through #2's
- Emma + No Nappy + bed time drink + sneaking in our bed = wet bed at 2am in morning
- Mark home early + trip to town = papers signed at lawyers and just waiting left to do for the sale of Tukapa
- Mum + Dad in town on Targa = out for dinner BLISS! = pasta craving filled

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...stumptious said...

I made my Mother one of these cute little brag books a few years ago, before her memory started to really fade. She loved it as I added photos from her high school days when she was a cheerleader and friend to many. Now, it's something that I treasure daily!

I wanted you to know that I blogged about your giveaway, belatedly!
It's at: http://stumptiousfiberarts.blogspot.com/