Sunday, October 4, 2009

I can dye a Rainbow!

WOW ... I'm really impressed with this one!
.. rainbow was my favourite colour in high school :rolleyes:!

So .. what else is there to do on a wet Sunday morning but dye some wool! Yip crazy me decided to grab a ball from stash - wrap it around and around my chair legs tie it in sections then syringe paint it and wrap it in plastic the Nuke it ... Well points to note for next time:
  1. Make sure the kids are not requiring love for 30 minutes or so
  2. Nuke in containers instead of all the effort with glad wrap
  3. Glad wrap and I are not friends!
  4. No little helpers required
All in all though I'm over the moon with the results! .. there was a bit of leaking from the darks onto the lights but its not too noticeable i don't think

Now to wait til it drys and find a pattern to knit it up into .... oh now i remember this is the part that takes soo long!

.... in other news i should get onto dying the yarn for my yarn swap .. but maybe I'll just attack the paperwork for it this afternoon :)

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