Thursday, October 1, 2009

I must be addicted!

.. My first BIG knit and just like that I have cast on a size 3 dress! for Emma this time ... lets see how long it takes

I'm following the Pattern 18310 - from Dale or Norway


... and so far all is going well - I'm loving the colours its like a rich Neopleton YUM!


Julia said...

I thought the pattern was only in Finnish? How are you following that?

AND, on a completely different topic, I love your header, I'm desperate to work out how to do a nice one myself for a wee project blog I've got planned. Help?!

Sam said...

will email you -- Yes the pattern is in both finnish and English ... and i have a copy :)

Chris and Georg in Bethlehem said...

Oh please Sam email me the pattern in English as well. I love this dress. How have you been doing with it?

knitterp said...

Hi Sam,

I would also LOVE a copy of this pattern in English for my little girl! Tried entering the finnish pattern into an online translator... only came out with gobbledigook unfortunately!

Did you finish your dress? Would love to see a pic of it!

Sam said...

Chris and Georg & Knitterp .. msg me on Ravlery (link on my sidebar) and i can send you a copy :)