Friday, October 9, 2009

Freebies everywhere!

... nothing like Freebies to get you into the blogtober mood is there!

so far 3 of my lovely friends are running giveaways on there blog - and each is some handcrafted goodness they have made .. YUM YUM!

Take a look!

Shortly's WIP bag -  out of some scrumptious Amy Butler fabric

Bib and Tucker's  - Monday Freebies announcement

Rainbow Child's Pegleg the Pirate or Marina the Mermaid - Being drawn tonight! 

And of course there are the ongoing AMAZING Digi Freebie Kits



And Loads of others you can link to on my Blog Roll

So .. With all the other Freebies happening i have decided to make a bragbook that i will giveaway to one of my Followers after i reach 100 150 Blogtober Hits -- Ambitious maybe but if i don't get there i can re-wite the rules then!

so don't forget to pop back - become a follower and add me to your blogroll, or link me to bump up the hits! 

EDIT-- just adding Crazy Crafters giveaway - just what i'm needing a needle case!!


Kate said...

Sam, that is such a cool idea! You rock. I check in every day to see what you've been up to, so I'll become a follower too. :-) Kate

Jo's Place said...

Thanks for linking my blog Sam :) Those Digi Kits look awsome and love the idea of a Bragbook, very cool :)