Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Dolly is dressed! & Competition entred!

So ... finally i have finished my competition entries (well i could be tempted to knit more but 2 is more than enough ;) ) .. its just such a quick easy and beautiful knit. I altered the pattern a tad (just adding length) for this second Pinny and have made a headband and Booties to match! (as requested) - i really can't wait until the large patterns come out -- i will be watching Kelly!

And with that i have entered my first knitting compe
tition - something i never thought that i would do but i have. With the added bonus of learning some new tricks along the way. now is a case of waiting for the winners to be anounced .......

so here's the pics ...... (Maria (Emma's Auntie Bobbies dolly ;) ) was a great pati
ent model)



Anonymous said...

Those piccies are so cute! Well done hun. Less than a week to go until winners are announced :)

Sam said...

Thankies! .. for some reason they were pixilated so have just reloaded. Fingers & toes here are crossed lol - oh its been a great distraction! and have proved to DH new needles were really needed ;)