Friday, September 25, 2009

My latest Investment

They're here!! .... so after hanging out with TNN Naki Knitters for the past few months and watching the speed in which they zoom through their knitting I decided that it
was time to make a true investment in my knitting future - i'm sure i keep getting told that an investment in good tools is always a good one

so here they are ... My New Knit Picks Intercangeables from Vintage Purls.....

... Yes I'm in LOVE! - now to find / make something to keep them cosey, warm and organised when they're resting. In saying that my que seems to be getting longer and longer - Knitting sure is addictive - and no way is it just for the older generation - i have meet some really neat ladies in our group and now my Tuedays nights out are something i really look forward to (only a bummer that Marks going to start to get busyer at work .. lets hope he can find his way home eary on the odd Tuesday night.
In Other News
I have also completed my first Knit for a competition that Kelly is holding. Shes about to release 4 Lovely Pinny patterns and has written one of them (Beth) in Dolly size. Pinny for a Dolly ... What a tease though - now my little girl(s) certainly needs one of her own to match dolly! (I told you the que keeps growing!)

heres some pic's of my entry (and i have another one on the needles / yes my New needles)

My 2nd one ...


Jo's Place said...

Yay for the needles Sam, they are a fantastic investment. Watch my blog, I will have a needle case pattern for sale soon (for $5) which is designed especially for these needles.

That dolls outfit is so very cute :)

Rainbow Child said...

jelous................ so so jelous

Sam said...

ool Jonthat sounds good .... i'm thinking something ztpped to really keep them safe ;)

RC - if i'm not using one or so your welcome to borrow :)