Saturday, September 12, 2009

Here it is!

So having dabbled in my first batch of dying yarn (completely experimental) i ended up with this:

then after hours of looking through Rav, and not finding anything that i really wanted to knit with the tools i had available i decided to cast on a singlet which turned into this funky wee dress, I'm rather stoked with the result even found a pattern some cute booties - and designed my own headband to match! and heres my Wee Princess modeling it all :)


Scrappy Bug said...

HI there!! Hey your header looks fantastic!!!

I'm HOPELESS at knitting... think I'll stick with scrapping!!! :) Your daughter looks like a gorgeous little tinkerbell in your knitted ensemble!! Great work!

Sam said...

Thanks - Yeah i dabble in both

easy to make such a neat header with a good kit!