Sunday, October 25, 2009

So Yesterday ....

Was a special day just for the girls (well Emma mostly) as with everything that's been going on lately she was doing some attention seeking.

So we started the day with a batch of pancakes she helped Dad make - they were yummy! ... then we packed up and headed to town, did a few chores and it was off to chipmunks!

Now I'm not to sure who had the most fun - us or Emma (there is a certain spark that ignites the children within us as we go to places like that) there was a lot of siding, climbing and playing that was done and Emma certainly felt the centre of attention when she got a cuddle from a certain fury friend! ....... it was so cute!

After Chipmunks we headed to the local pools (amongst half of the town it seemed!) it was Becas first swim in the big pools and Emma made sure she knew what to do by splashing and blowing bubbles for her.

Then dad got a call to say he was needed at work so we went and spent some time with Nana, Auntie Jeni, Auntie Teresa and Seb while he was busy. the afternoon came and went (more knitting was done), before we knew it the sun had gone down, Auntie Teresa and Nana cooked us all a yummy dinner then on they way home both girls were out like a light - oh yes it was a long - busy - fun filled day!


Jo's Place said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day :)

Sam said...

yes it was great :)