Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last chance - GIVEAWAY

Remember today is your last chance to get in the draw for the chance to win a brag book! ... the entries are low so there is a high chance to win the beauty to your right!

In other news:
- I'm contemplating casting on Beca's longies - but know i MUST finish Seb's first
- I'm off to spinning tonight - should be interesting as I've never done it before!
- The house is a tip but the washing is done
- I'm thinking of creating a tutorial for the fold out blog book --- leave me a comment if you would like this (just so i know at least one person will uses it :) )


Anonymous said...

Yes! But you already knew that :) Would love the tutorial please.

Sam said...

hehe - just checking ;)

kate said...

Ooh yes!! Tutorial please :-).