Saturday, January 30, 2010

My 1st Fibre Swap!

I know another Swap from December that i failed to blog about >>>

Its from Kathy R and she has done a perfect job - i was hoping for lots of fibre samples (being new to spinning and all)

She’s included: Merino silver, Alpaca/Silk/Merino blend, Border Leicester fleece, Corridale fleece, Hampshire down with Mohair, Lama fibre, Combed mohair, Angora fibre, English Leicester fleece, Recycled Sari Silk and some silk throwseters … man i’m going to have a ball!!!!

I’m loving the patterns for felted clogs and Animal friends felted booties (felting is still on the to learn list just been bumped) some sweeties, soap and lovely wee stichmarkers.

Thank you soooooo much Kathy its great! … and i have to say your stalking was very good ;)

now to try ant tear myself away from it and finish the dishes (postie came in the middle of them ;) )

But then i got a wee envelope in the mail with an extra in it that 'disappeared' when the box was sent ... it was an ashford WPI tool and some lovely Merino from 'Shrek'
And here's the parcel i sent:

Sewsable is whom i had to make up a swap for in the latest NZ Fibre Swap of Favourites

So i decided to base it all around her favourite colours - Burgundy, Teal, Peacock and Purple

Included was:


  • Teal Knitting Needles
  • Block of Purple Cadbury
  • Two sets of Teal Stitch markers
  • Purple Soap Roses
  • A diz my Hubby Made
  • A cut of lovely Teal / Flower fabric

I also included one of my Favourites - a taste of a bottle of Beyond Paradise by Estee Launder


  • 100g Polworth Natural roving
  • A Silk Cap/hankie - hand dyed tealy purple
  • Romney Staple dyed teal (and some was combed - but i felt it looked more affective gifted as staple)

Enjoy Sable!!!


Pipi said...

Oh wow Sam I love the packages you sent and received! they are just beautiful! How is the spinning going? I am having a lot of fun playing with mine :)

KathyR said...

Great photos, Sam! By the way, the merino isn't from the original "Shrek" but another one who escaped shearing for a few years just like him. Have lots of fun!

Sam said...

thanks! .. yeah the spinning is going well when i get a chance to do it ;) playing and experimenting is the best part!

Kathy - close enough to shreck for me ;) hehe -- poor sheep must have been strong to lug around all that fleece!

Julia said...

Wow! That's a lovely gift for Sable Sam!