Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm Back!

yes I know, I've been neglecting this blog for far to long - i guess with a combination of the festive season and feeling low lately my blog hasn't been on the for-front of my mind.

But i have alot to update over the next wee while:
- My Blendy Sampler Box just arrived
- i have got some lovely gifties from my lovely friend Kate
- My Favoutite Book swap
- Christmas!
- My new spinning wheel and accessories
- Whats happeing in the garden
- The Kids
- The Brag book Tutorial

and so on .... so i'll get started with my Blendy box in a minute :)


Julia said...

Yay! You're 'back'!
Can't wait to see how your spinning is going. My wheel is in the 'naughty corner', I just can't get the tension right for it to spin and twist onto the bobbin correctly :`(

Jo's Place said...

Welcome back Sam, I was wondering what had happened to you :)

Sam said...

thanks :) ... u guys have made my day -- ya know like when ya get a haircut and someone notices :)

Hugs to you both