Monday, December 7, 2009

Sale - Swift Sacks

Okay so here's a much needed quick update!

I've been busy on the production line for some snazzy swift sacks and the first lot are ready for sale at a super start out price!

So first in first grabs - they are just Fab for keeping all your swift bits on one place and keeping little fingers out ;)

If you wondering a swift makes wool hanking and winding easier (its a Knitter/spinner thing ;) ) -- Here's some Just One W.I.P: Handmade Wooden Swifts

please note that one or two have a touch of wonky sewing due to a wee helper :oops:


Julia said...

They look really great Sam! Thanks for the link to my website too Bo)(that's me doing a cool emoticon)

Julia said...

That was me deleting...hate spelling mistakes and couldn't edit it.

Just asking - how much are they?

Sam said...

Thanks Julia :)

This batch is $10 inc postage within NZ .. as a startup sale :) RRP $15

...stumptious said...

Nice work...I have yet to get into the spinning thing, but when I do, I'll be coming back for a sack!

Angie : )

Virginia said...

I think I'm hungry, because I keep reading Sacks as Snacks. Heh.

Those look fun!