Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've been surfing!

I've found some more lovely yarny site thanks to Blendy and her Sampler boxes!

Firstly Touch Yarns - A lovely NZ made products for non prickly knitting (always a +) I'd love to get hold of some fibre from Kelly to process from fibre to knit myself using the different techniques i have recently learnt at spinning class - or if you haven't been taken by the spinning bug she has some lovely soft yarns of varying ply and type - well worth a click!

and then there is Fab Fibres ... who even sell dolls hair! or beautiful Treasure packs like this one:

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Or Woolpaper ... yes read that again! Wool paper How amazing is that!! their own creation that i can't wait to find the time and money to get some to have a good look at! The colours it is available in are just spectacular as well

I think my art yarn spinning will start here!


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to enable you or anything... but... Still Quilting/Still Knitting is a Fab Fibres stockist. They are right on the front counter. :)

Sam said...

EEK ... i never knew! thanks for that (i think) ... watch this space ;)

Virginia said...

The woolpaper thing is gorgeous! hmm...

...stumptious said...

These are new to me! Thanks for the update. I must check into this as I do many dolls and they'd be great for hair, as you say.

Thanks Sam. Hope all is well!

Angie : )