Sunday, November 8, 2009

S is for Sunday ...

and Sewing, Swaps, Scrap booking, Sunshine and Spinning!

And that's how i have filled my day!

Now the Sewing i can't share as it is for another Yarn Swap I'm doing on TNN - and this time i promised to be a secret squirl! but i do have to say its not bad considering how long it has been since I've sewen more than just long straight lines on the edges of blankets :)

The Scrap booking is in the last post, and the Spinning well! ... Here you go Kate ;)

Now The top one was the result of a quick blending play Kate had on the Drum Carder that i have spun into a thick and thin yarn and the Warm Yellow/brown/orange and red one is the fleece i dyed and hand Carded (1st try at hand carding) then spun and plyed with some brown/grey - it hasn't come out to badly if i do say so myself :)

Lastly the sunshine - what a lovely day! made our sea view even more enjoyable when i had a moment to stop and enjoy it today which was also a big day for Beca as she tackled a bit of banana (she was soo over Mash) :)


kate said...

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Very cool!! Well done. You must have been power spinning to get that done :-). (By the way, NZFS reg. is up too). Kate :-)

Sam said...

hehe nah not power spinning there wasn't much there really (+ its a wee bit over twisted oops)

and i've already paid my sub ;)

Sam said...
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