Monday, November 2, 2009

Blogtober is past .. but check out these blogs!

SO Blogtober is over, and i managed 31 posts in October - although it didn't end up being one each day it was still a large task!

and you think I'd be blogged out but no check out these Blogs I've stumbled upon:

Little observations of everyday life - card making and sock knitting

U-handbag - Great bag tutorials!

Yarnmonster - this is a great wee drawstring bag tutorial (one I'm planning on using soon)

In other news:
- I need to learn how to sew a nappy since i signed up for my first Nappy swap
- I've also entered another Naki Yarn Swap 'desserts' this time
- Since my new hobby of Spinning i have also joined a fibre swap! .. Exciting!!


Anonymous said...

Lots of exciting new things you've learnt hun, well done!

Sam said...

i know .. and the best part - meeting a whole new group of people who i can chat and relate to :)

Thanks everyone! xxx

Jo's Place said...

Thanks for posting those links Sam, the drawstring bag is exactly what I need.

Yay for your spinning, I really want to try but am afraid of another addiction LOL

Sam said...

Jo - same its a great wee tutorial - and took me ages to find lol - so enjoy! .. I'm making one for a swap hehe

Ah spinning - well with the chance of inheriting a wheel i sooo had to learn ;)

...stumptious said...


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angie "stumptious"