Friday, November 6, 2009

Spinning addiction

yip I'm starting to be consumed by the bug!

These are my recent purchases to 'play' with - watch this space for whats created - i can't promise anything apart from a lot of fun in the process!

I also learnt about fleece last night at spinning and have a few available for playing with as well - pitty there aren't more hours in the day!


kate said...

Ooh, that arrived quickly Sam. Tee hee, the addiction begins! Mwaahaahaahaahaa.

Sam said...

nope not arrived - just ordered ;)

i have plenty to play with in the mean time though

Laura said...

How late were you up spinning last night?

Sam said...

i was too tired to spin (the wheel even slept in the car over night)

but plan to get into it once i get some carders!

Jo's Place said...

I know where you have been shopping, I have some from there too for felting :) Great colours