Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sebs Looking Glass Longies

They're done - and i love them! - can't wait to cast some on for Beca for next winter (need to finish her summer dress first - only sewing to do on it :)

Ravelry Link

My first attempt at Longies for a Xmas Pressie for my nephew :) - I used the Looking Glass longies Pattern which is a really Great pattern Kelly xx

I Crocheted cord – a few woopsies but thats all learning and my adjustemt could have been better - i’ve added button holes and buttons so they can be buttoned up as shorties - but my positioning isn’t perfect - will note for next time not to put a button hole at the start of the row but 1/4 the way round then 3/4 the way round (K2TOG YO)

I love this idea though as it would make the pants grow with Seb as well - just by moving the button position :) - we put them on him last night for button adjustment - and they look great!

Modeled here on my just over 2 1/2 yr old - cheeky girl! ((please excuse her Freddo frog tattoo)


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Anonymous said...

Well done hun - they look fab!!!

Sam said...

Thank you lovely ladies!

i really enjoyed knitting them - can't wait to cast some on for Beca ;)