Friday, January 22, 2010

January Giveaway - Swift Sack

Hi All!

The first Giveaway this year is a swift sack made by moi!
- i have 2 to giveaway this month!

Here's a pic of them to refresh you memory as to what they are - they fit most 'pull apart X swifts'

So to enter just tell me a quick story of the sort of trouble you found yourself in without a swift,
My DH has agreed to judge for me and the TWO he feels are the funniest will win.

Can't wait to read your entries - Judging will be at 6.00pm, 31st January 2010

Good Luck


Rainbow Child said...

no funny storys sorry! haha but it takes a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time to skien, dye, reskein without a swift! mine has made the dyeing experince wayy better :)

Anonymous said...

OMG I would so love to win one of these....I neeeeeeeeeeed one!

I am currently swiftless (soon to be remedied so of course I need something to keep it in!) and it's a nightmare. I either have to suck up to DH to sit there with his arms out holding my wool, or I have to put it around my knees. Of course if I put it around my knees and I'm by myself I have to make sure the cats are all locked outside otherwise I have a very attentive audience (did I mention I have 5 cats?????!!!!!) and Riley being the most stupid one HAS to climb into my lap and therefore get tangled in the wool and I don't have enough arms to hold onto the wool AND fight him off.Do you know how hard it is to untangle a cat from wool??

Moral of the story, my life without a swift is a nightmare, thank goodness I will soon have if I just could have some gorgeous to keep it maybe a swift sack??

Will you take pity on poor cat harassed me?

Alison said...

Oh I so need a swift sack! I think my worst experience was trying to hand wind a hank with the hank around my feet which was going okay until the cats decided that they might like to help. Picture very happy cats and a big mess of yarn :-)

Krissie said...

Picture sitting on the floor with the hank of wool around your feet, half the hank is rolled up in a ball and I've got about half to go. Enter Miss 2 who has decided it would be fun to "help" sits down between my legs so the wool is around her feet too and proceeds to tangle her feet up in the wool entirely causing the biggest tangle and then giving me the biggest grin :)

Kristy said...

Sam do you not remember the mess that is my beautiful green lace weight :)
Thats why I NEED A SWIFT and a bag to put it in.

Show mark the mess so he understands my need hehehe

Alia said...

No stories about problems without a swift, but without a swift sack...!! I'm always losing bits! And then my 3 year old wants to play with 'my wifts' as he says, and leaves it out for the baby to gnaw on.

Anonymous said...

Picture upturned chair with wool on unwinding it by myself with the unwanted help of a crawling baby! My swift lives in a heap in a plastic bag, I would love to give it proper bag to keep it safe and show how much I love it!