Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space: I've been productive (Picture Heavy)

At the moment my crafting is along the lines of sewing!

.... heres whats been stitched lately

This Smocket may turn up somewhere in NZ soon ......

This one seems to have someone in love with it already - but is awaiting snaps or buttons .....

This ones really sweet ... and homeless thus far

Shhhhh this project is under wraps and heading to be amongst some true goodness

Theres two Bits & Bobs holders - currently homeless

Another Bits & Bobs holder that found a new home :)

& something all cut out & ready to sew ..... and then my iron died so its going to have to wait :( - now what to do today?? - clean.... boo hiss

Anything take your fancy ;)

If you like the idea of seeing what crafting people have been up to then head over to Kootoyoo for a creative space roundup :)


Big Red said...

yay for so much productivity!!! wow! love your smockets so much, wish i had someone to put them on! hehe ( and secretly wonder if they would look on grownup girls ;) )

Kirsty said...

You have been busy! Today's list is up if you want to play along. x

Sarah said...

I am exhausted just looking at everything you have done! It all looks wonderful :-)

Sam said...

i confess .... its not just from today / or this week it was just time for a good roundup xx

littlebetty said...

Wow - great progress. It's so nice finishing up projects.