Thursday, September 30, 2010

Knitting: update time

Okay so this month i decided to take part in a Knit-a-long on Ravelry with a pattern called

Its a well written pattern that even a beginner would be fine following, its written for circulars meaning no seaming - just a continuous knit :)

I've loved this brown and pink yarn sitting together in my stash for a while now and thought that this dress would make the most of them. I 'played' with some embellishing and i also love how it turned out :) - only alteration - was no eyelet round, + knitting a few rounds in the brown with the first one being k2, s1 to 'mirror' the top of the pink before the lace hem, casting off purl wise.

Such a farm girl is miss Beca - so natural the 'sketch' picture has to be my favorite

The second one i cast on the yarn i won from Red Riding Hood Yarns as i mentioned last week. Was so excited to cast it on - the merino is lovely and soft a true pleasure to knit the colour is most 'true' in the picture above. Will be interesting to see how it wears but its ply'd nicely so i hope theres not to much pilling.

Thanks again for the lovely yarn Hannah - i do believe this is the first RRHY finished object too ;)

and in true Beca style one shouldn't stand still and 'pose' when mum desperately wants a photo - cheeky monkey!!


The Lodge Le Bons Bay said...

That is a cute as pattern on a cute as model!!

Sam said...

thank you :)