Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And the winner is .....

The judges managed to get it down to the favourite six and did the rest
(as Emma couldn't get past all of them being the winners either - bless her she has her Mums heart ... but I couldn't really make six goodie baskets)

Sending out another BIG thank-you to all whom entered,
I love all the details and so great to see such a range of crafts used .. from Crochet, Felt & Felting finished items to knitting cables and patterns as your knitting - what amazing effort guys!!
I hope that the hand warmers are being put to good use in this chilly weather!


The finalists were:
Flames, Robots, Spiderman, Butterfly/Bug , Match a milo and White Flower on Blue
(as named by Emma ;) )
Then + upside down, numbered pictures picked

...........................dun da da .....................


So Hannah ... let me know when its convenient to drop your goodies off!

OOPS here is un update pic of the goodies ....


nova_j said...

woohoo go hannah!!! i reckon you could (with a cottage license) add those to your repertoire!! ;)

KathyR said...

So cute to "see" how a little child's mind works with the naming! Some really great-looking mitts out there - I really must get onto the pair I was going to make. I seem to be a bit like, ooh, look, a shiny thing... right now and have started a little February Baby Sweater. Soon, soon. Promise! Congrats to Hannah!