Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sewing for knitting - peas in a pod!

Yip ... I've been working on these for a wee while - and some of you may notice that the material looks oddly familiar | They do indeed match my bag ;) but hey i love it so that sall that counts right!

So the big one was made following Jo's Pattern for a Interchangeable needle case - really easy to follow and is a great case. I altered bits to use the material i had the best and made small adjustments in how some bits were sewn together. But they are the first zips i have sewn in since Form 3 - so its not to bad ;)

Emma chose the buttons - again my trick of sewing to together for something a bit more unique :)

And the smaller one .... is a design I've worked on so keep checking and soon i let you all know more about it - but its the perfect hold 'most' for any knitter!

Now back to that knitting ..... I have a few finished items to share in the next post


Amber said...

I agree about your material - I'd be making matching accessories out of it too!

And do you realise that mentioning Form 3 shows your age ;)- it's all about Years now! My teenage aquaintances give me blank looks if I mention Forms. I tell you, it makes a person feel old!

Sam said...

HAHA - so true Amber! ... and you know what i thought about writing it in years and didn't know what year it would be! ... at least i can hope i'm getting wiser in my old age ;