Monday, March 4, 2013

a start to the chapter that made me stop ... Part 1

So here I am, just over 5 weeks after brain surgery - bare with me as the journey has had some low points and I'm sure there may be a few more to come.  Not everyone will know my story yet, its not something I saw coming but its certainly become reality and has made me re-evaluate things.

So what's the most important thing I'd like you to read and think about - YOUR HEALTH ...  never stop looking for an answer if you feel something isn't right or if you have a symptom to suggest that you should stop and listen - doing this may have just saved my life.

This chapter started back in 2010, but I only started taking reign and writing it in 2012.  My first inkling that something was wrong came a few months after a beautiful natural home water birth of my second child, all of a sudden I was unable to use my left ear on the telephone and there was a ringing that came and went in the ear.  I mentioned it to the doctor who sent me for an audio-gram, I felt the testing was unreliable with my kids in the room, tester not all that pleasant or supportive and it showed some loss as expected - but that was as far as it went.  

During the start of 2012 when reading an advert for a hearing clinic I choose to take more action and have a second audio-gram done.  This time at a new place I found the staff supportive, I had also focused more time on me rather then being the mum of a new born and I was in a better place to hear the results and the recommendation to see a specialist.  The day came around, the money was found, and I went alone to another appointment.  This time recommendation was an MRI - and was what made me stop.  
How was a healthy person like me - ok a bit over weight which was not exactly new, I had no other symptoms to ring alarm bells, just felt I was one of the unlucky ones who's hearing had been affected by a virus or too many loud sounds - maybe all those times I was told to turn the walk-man down.  Then I heard the ENT mention 'rare tumour' .. nothing to worry about though just a precaution as we want to know why your hearing is abnormal.

As I sat and waited to be picked up from that appointment my worry was more about an MRI I mean the thought of a tumour was daunting but I'm healthy and its RARE - slim chance I'd be affected with something that feels like a life sentence.  But who wants to be tested in a big machine you know nothing about with contrast injected - that was daunting.

3 months later & still no sign of the MRI appointment but I was starting to wake seeing stars, with attached headaches turning into migraines .... knowing this wasn't right I sought out an appointment with my eye specialist due to a trauma cataract growing, osteopath for a 'body check' and called the ENT specialist to ask that the MRI get moved to urgent - concern was setting in.  The quick reply was no take voltaren, and come in to have a grommet inserted it may help - no guarantees.  It took a day or two until I decided to get a second opinion, tears shed until I managed to get a referral to another ENT.  This time I was sent for bloods to check something else and told that the MRI shouldn't be far away and to wait reassurance that a tumour is rare and that if it is a tumour I'm still in my 20's and that the diagnosis would probably be another MRI to check growth rate.

Again I was reassured everything was precautionary and there is no need to worry so I just focused on keeping a positive attitude.

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