Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

i could put many photos here .. children's laughter, drawings, smiles, the beach, my beautiful rose garden, my friends, the smell of essential oils, a fresh batch of baking, any type of achievement, a room full of crafty supplies, my family, diving into a pool on a hot day, a massage, relaxation, yoga, inner piece, animals, butterflies, spending time muddling the water or laying in the sun feeling the warmth of the world we're in, an organised house, a room full of my family, a present made with love, the feeling of love, passion and touch, music, reading a good book (as in the non fiction type), a cup of herbal tea from my garden, rainbows ... the list goes on and theres things that shouldn't be written here on it as well ;)

But heres a picture that i love & plan to put on a canvas for myself one day (soon)

It makes me happy as it reminds me that i'm the one in charge of my life 
- powerful stuff & oh to true -

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