Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

So at one stage in my teen years i can remember I sat down and counted 21 'nick-names' (maybe mostly thanks to having a big sister?) ... not sure i'd have than many now but lets see (not sure if i should be embarrassed or not about some):

My name: Samantha

& lets face it the main person that calls me that is mum - at least its not always when i've done something wrong these days although i still can hear her and the tone she uses if i am.  I think some of my friends do use my full name to? 


Sam - obvious shorten and the name i get called the most 
Samon - came about in my teens from somewhere and has now changed a touch to Samin - from hubby
Sammy - My Granddad calls me this mainly
Mama - From my other grandparents although the older i get the less they use it
Manfa - From my sister and parents i think originally my sister couldn't say Samantha? (i'm sure she can correct me if i'm wrong)
Saminanthina - From my sister followed with some originals - Runka & Chickamore .... maybe she can explain where they came from .... in response she got Dickwad & others i'm sure that i can't recall at present -- gotta love ya big sisters xx

Seems the others have faded away now isn't that the way as we move through life and friends change -- have to say i'm glad to have seen some slip away too haha! 

But have i forgotten any? ... feel free to add them my lovelies xxx

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