Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

Ok - so this made my mind wonder! ... i started thinking rich and famous ... then animals but i think I've settled on my husband .... odd choice you may think right? ... but i have some reasons for this:

  • I love my husband (again obvious fact) but like everyone we have our differences and i respect that, however to be him for a day i think it would help me gain more of an insight into why he does the things he does that irritate me .... then they may not irritate me and i'd live a bit more stress free ;)
  • I want to understand more about what he does and goes though in a day at his work ... and vis versa! a day with the kids is more of a challenge then it looks although may have to swap for longer than one day to learn this ;)
  •  I could make a few changes while i was there right?? 
  • Relationships are ongoing work - its a fact and the work needs to be two sided or the relationship wont work so to see it from his view would interest me - yip call me curious!
  • Then again do i really want to learn more about him? ...... maybe i should swap with someone famous instead - hard choice though huh!

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